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15th May 2023 By The Global Heroes Global Heroes

Today everyone, I mean every single human is rooting for @hildabacicooks.

No single promotion was done before she started, celebrities, musical artists were not booked to show up, fans and well wishers have wholeheartedly being going out to support her even with their busy schedules.

The Governor of Lagos state himself @jidesanwoolu not a representative showed up for her and she is already getting gifts from all corners of the world like;

• An All expense paid trip by @vestiofficial 

• Ambassadorial deals and huge endorsements

• Million dollar photographers are begging to take her next professional portrait at no cost

• Collaborations with national and international big brands

& of course her price as a private chef just tripled if not more. 

Now here’s what I learnt from this #Hildabaccicookathon 

> The world is waiting for you to show them what you can do and be EXCELLENT at it before they will reward you with their support, love, resources, time, etc Notice she’s not compromising on the quality of the meals she’s making? Every meal has been a hit back yo back, no cap. 

> PLAN- please PLAN, who saw the number of partners Hilda has? From Gino, to Arla makers of Dano milk and more, this takes proper planning, strategy and structure to get all there brands to partner with you, she also had a proper medical team on standby and the venue? Shey you can see it’s very beautiful for what she wants to achieve, she don’t say it doesn’t matter let me do it in my house 

> Don’t underestimate your Influence 

The amazing Lata Tondon who inspired Hilda is Indian, she cooked for 87hrs , 45mins and has been the only woman to ever hold this record , now our Hilda wants to change narrative. Imagine Lata didn’t do hers because of back pain? Ehen

> DOCUMENT your PROCESS, do you see how many professional media people are covering her? I don’t mean the amazing humans volunteering as videographers and photographers outside, I mean those with her in the kitchen, watch the video(s) and see the high definition photos on her page to see the quality of the content too. 

You can not afford to play small especially in this age of media visibility

> You are probably designed and destined to be a king maker and not a king but you dey drag crown with people wey God don give throne. Let’s talk about Hilda’s ASSISTANT - The dark skinned guy, he’s getting visibility and recognition too

Many times we want to be at the forefront not knowing our Glory lies behind someone else being at the front. 

> Family support is a big deal? I literally shed tears watchin her mother talk to her and you could see how weak and tired she was.

Knowing that her mother alone is rooting for her is a huge motivation. 

Some of us aren’t even rooting for our siblings, parents or relatives because we no rate them na

> Be so good your mentors, people you look up to even your haters??? start to believe in you. The tweet by Lata London says a lot ? the international community is watching 

> Your next level is tied to the massive dream you’re running away from because you think someone at your level shouldn’t have such level of ambition 

> You will command the attention of the high and mighty, rich and powerful, successful and influential people when you decide to dare to make a difference 

> Finally, put God first, I took my time to go through all Hilda’s social media accounts and God is definitely at work in this girls life.

So ladies and gentlemen, until you decide to take yourself seriously, become the best you can be, show up excellently and put yourself out there, people would not support you massively.

Gusi Tobby Lordwilliams

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Please these are my original and authentic thoughts, my name is Gusi Tobby Lordwilliams, mention and tag me when you repost, don’t steal my content???

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