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15th August 2021 By The Global Heroes Global Heroes

If there’s ever been a time when it’s ok to not be ok, the time is now. We’re all dealing with various levels of stress, anxiety and uncertainty. It’s time to shine a spotlight on mental health and to actively get involved in ways to support mental wellness.

Almost seven million Canadians experience a mental illness every year, according to Canada’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). That number means that every Canadian is impacted, either directly or indirectly, by mental illness: either you or someone you know well, is living with a mental illness.

In light of this “unseen” epidemic, Canada’s leading digital imaging retailer and fourth-generation family-owned business, Henry’s, is putting mental health into focus with the Henry’s Foundation. The Henry’s Foundation is a Canadian Registered Charity created to support the millions of Canadians who live with mental illness.

“We are focusing on improving mental health for all Canadians and reducing the stigma associated with mental illness. Our goal is to make a long-lasting impact and unify support for mental health initiatives across the country.” says Amy Stein, Executive Director of the Henry’s Foundation.

To this end, the Henry’s Foundation has created partnerships with six organizations who are leaders in the field of mental health in Canada. Through donations made to these organizations, Henry’s Foundation helps to support the important work and outreach efforts being made from coast to coast, assisting those in need with services and funding research initiatives.

Another way Henry’s Foundation is putting mental health into focus is through their #Uncapturedmoments campaign—an initiative that invites people to share photographs of some of their less glamorous, more everyday moments in their lives.

“The pandemic has given us a greater appreciation of our vulnerabilities and our need to work together,” says Amy Stein. “We so often see people posting only their best moments on social media, which is not always an accurate reflection of their lives.” But there is so much going on in the background. The Henry’s Foundation is encouraging people to share their #Uncapturedmoments and to help foster a community where there is no longer a stigma surrounding mental illness.

That’s why the Henry’s Foundation is encouraging the community—people like you—to upload and share photos that show what mental health means to them using the hashtag #Uncapturedmoments. Photos can be uploaded on or by tagging #Uncapturedmoments on Instagram. A selection of images will be posted on the Henry’s Foundation Moments webpage.

It’s ok to not be ok.

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