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25th October 2021 By The Global Heroes Humanitarian Impacts

*School Uniforms Donated To A Remote School In North East Region, Ghana*

On the 20th of June, Umbrella for the African Child and Akua Kids foundation embarked on a School Project. This is to continue their ongoing campaign themed "Every Child Yearns For Quality Education". This is a campaign that aims to support schools in Rural areas in Ghana, with materials needed for students to experience quality Education.

This is the second time both organizations are visiting Saosobigi M/A Primary School in North East Region. The first time was to donate stationaries and standard desks in collaboration with other like minded organizations.

During the Project the organizations saw a lot of challenges faced by the school children that needed to be addressed. One of them being the lack of school uniforms. This is to say that children put on house clothes to school. This has become one of the reasons the children do not come to school.

The School Administration helped identify orphans who were in need of school uniforms.

On the 1st of July, School uniforms were donated to Saosobigi M/A. Slates were also given to the KG Class to help with their learning.

According Alhasan Waliu, a beneficiary of the uniform donation, he said: "When I was putting on house clothes to school, I felt excluded from my peers and seeing my mates put on their uniform to school made me sad and I have always wanted a uniform so I can be like my mates. Being a beneficiary of the donation, I am very happy to UTAC/AKUA KIDS FOUNDATION for all they have been doing for our school".

The Headmaster of Saosobigi M/A, Mr Gausu, stated he is very happy now that his students have uniforms, and it will help build their self-esteem and participation in school activities.

He added: "Some of the children were not sociable and some of them feel neglected because of the lack of uniform and now that they have received uniforms, they have this sense of belonging and interact more with others".

Speaking on the organization presence in the school and how it has helped the School and children he stated: "The organization presence in the school has been very helpful both academically and financially. School attendance has increased because of the quality time the organization spend with the children.

He added: Parents now enroll their wards to the school because of the presence of the organization and the new things their children learn everyday as it helps with their development.

Lastly, he added: One of the activity introduced by the organizations that encourages children to come to school is the word of Affirmation as it has greatly helped shape the minds of the children especially Class 6 as they will be off to Junior High School soon.

Parents in the community are happy to have an organization be part of the school to provide materials needed for the children.

According to one of the parents, she said: the organizations don't just donate materials and leave, but they make sure children in the community are happy through various activities like story time, dance competition or sports. This is the type of activities that the school have been lacking for years and she is happy UTAC/AKUA KIDS FOUNDATION are in the community

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