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4th June 2022 By The Global Heroes Humanitarian Impacts

Consummate Health Foundation, a not for profit NGO, which has over the years existed to help many Ghanaians with health promotion activities, mainly with free health education and screening programs has been nominated, amongst other individuals and entities for the 2022 Humanitarian Awards, set for August this year.

The Humanitarian Awards, basically reward individuals and cooperate entities and NGOs for their humanitarian activities.

One of the leaders of the organization, Mr Ernest Baah has stated, that Consummate Health Foundation has over the years saved a lot of Ghanaians with its free medical outreach programs, entered several communities and churches since it started its humanitarian activities, hence they are not surprised for the nomination and shortlisting for this yearís humanitarian Awards, as the HIV/AIDS Advocate of the year, and called on all and sundry to support them with their votes.

In the area of HIV/AIDS advocacy, the group has the following to show:
In the Central region, they have collaborated with the regional office of the Ghana AIDS Commission to embark on health screening campaigns; screening  more than a thousand people thus far for HIV/AIDS, providing free education and counseling services for them, then refer those who test positive to the various hospitals (treatment centers) for treatment. 

They have collaborated with other District Public Health officials from the Ghana Health Service within the region to embark on HIV campaigns/screening, as well as screening for other medical conditions.

They usually organize   screening for HIV and other medical conditions, with counseling to allay the anxiety and stigma that people still have about the disease (HIV/AIDS).

They have collaborated with some media houses, particularly Ocean 1 Television to champion HIV/AIDS campaign/advocacy through symposiums in Senior and Junior high schools in the Central region, live TV education programs, etc.

They have visited several churches within the Central Region- Ghana, to educate and also revive the campaign on HIV/AIDS which seems to be dwindling, and have over the years collaborated with an international organization: Save Lives International- an organization that focuses mainly on HIV/AIDS prevention in Africa, to also champion a campaign on HIV/AIDS, including an outreach program that was once held at Gomoa Abaasa in the Central Region, and some other parts of the region.

They have used the social media, especially Facebook and YouTube to share some education on HIV/AIDS, mostly targeting young people. Some of the audiovisual information could be retrieved from the groupís YouTube channel: Consummate Health Foundation TV

Together with the Ghana AIDS commission (Central regional office), they have visited and shared more than 1000 educational materials (pamphlets) to young people in schools and churches, and also once received and distributed about 500 pieces of latex condoms to people during their  medical outreach programs; all aimed at promoting health, and preventing the spread of HIV amongst young people. 

The motivation of the group, has always been to help reduce drastically, the spread of HIV through advocacy and  voluntary screening, which has seemingly gone down over the years. The campaign and advocacy that seems to be going down could seemingly be the reason for the high numbers recorded over the last few years, particularly amongst young people [as captured in the 2019 HIV Sentinel Survey Report of the National AIDS Control Program]

Mention can be made of several other programs, and further information- images on some outreach programs can be retrieved from the groupís website:

As part of measures to deepen campaign on HIV, the group is currently working on a research proposal: The effects of stigmatization on voluntary testing for HIV and treatment compliance.
This study will commence in earnest, once work on the proposal is completed, and receive support to execute same.

We therefore request, with humility, that everyone votes for us, to inspire us to even do more.

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