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20th March 2024 By The Global Heroes Humanitarian Impacts

Mr Eliasu Yussif Baba Named Among Africa's Most Impactful 100 Change Makers

Eliasu Yussif Baba, the Managing Director of BEA Transport and Logistics Company Ltd, and CEO of Bahass Foundation, has been recognized as one of Africa's most impactful 100 change makers.

His journey towards making a difference began with the establishment of the Bahass Foundation in 2004, initially as a volunteer community group in Wa municipality, Ghana. The foundation's primary aim was to uplift the lives of mentally ill individuals living on the streets of the Upper West Region.

Driven by compassion and a commitment to serving the marginalized, Eliasu Baba Yussif, a herbal medicine practitioner, founded the Bahass Foundation. Witnessing the dire conditions of mentally ill individuals, abandoned and neglected, spurred him into action.

Presently, the foundation extends its support to approximately seventy-five mentally ill individuals in the Wa municipality, with fifty-seven residing on the streets and eighteen under familial care, including eight who are also battling HIV/AIDS.

Over the years, Bahass Foundation has diversified its endeavors, encompassing initiatives such as mental health awareness, combating drug abuse, addressing HIV/AIDS concerns, and promoting livelihood empowerment through Village Savings and Loans Groups in Agriculture (VSLA) across three additional districts in the Upper West Region.

The overarching goal of the Bahass Foundation remains consistent: to enhance the quality of life for mentally ill individuals, empower women and other vulnerable demographics economically, and foster awareness regarding mental health, HIV/AIDS, and maternal mortality ratios in the Upper West Region.

Eliasu Yussif Baba's profound leadership commitment is fostering positive change and inclusive development within his community and beyond.

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