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13th August 2023 By The Global Heroes Global Heroes

Exceptional Blind Woman Earns PhD After Overcoming Education Hurdles

Cursory: Despite being born blind and facing numerous educational challenges due to her disability, Alanka Babb achieved a Ph.D. from Liberty University at the age of 36. Growing up in an impoverished region without proper education, she persevered through difficulties and a lack of accommodations. Her remarkable achievement underscores her determination to succeed despite significant obstacles. Despite facing educational obstacles due to her disability, Alanka Babb, aged 36, has successfully earned a Ph.D. from Liberty University. Alanka Babb, originally from Guyana in South America, shared her story with Insider, revealing that she was born blind and spent her childhood living with her Grandmother in one of the most impoverished areas of Guyana, where education was not a primary concern. Following her Grandmotherís passing, she moved in with other relatives and attended a local school where teachers lacked the necessary qualifications. Although navigating through a non-standard education was challenging, Babbís blindness presented even greater difficulties. Sitting at the front of the classroom was not an effective solution for her, as her school did not have accommodations in place for students with disabilities. Nevertheless, despite her visual difficulties and the inability to read what was written on the blackboard by her teachers, Babb continued to progress through grade levels. She recounted a moment of embarrassment when a teacher discovered her reading challenge. This incident served as a pivotal moment for her. Motivated by this experience, Babbís determination to improve her reading skills intensified. She began borrowing books from the school library and diligently worked through the struggle of reading them. ďI soon realized I loved reading, although I couldnít pronounce many words. As I got older, I kept reading and pushing myself academically despite my vision limitations. I attended college in Guyana without support for my eye condition, but I still graduated,Ē she said. Babb mentioned that she moved to the United States when she was 28 years old to pursue higher education, although she had reservations due to her deteriorating eyesight. Nevertheless, she later found out that the United States has a Disabilities Act in place, which mandates universities to offer support services for students with disabilities. ďAt the school, I was given extra time for testing and access to my professorsí presentations before my classes. With these added accommodations, I started to thrive,Ē she said. Babb earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from the University of Guyana and then pursued a masterís degree in counseling education. She has now achieved a doctorate degree in education from Liberty University in the United States, all at the age of 36, despite facing her disability and growing up in a financially challenging background.†

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