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20th September 2022 By The Global Heroes Global Heroes

A Picture is worth a thousand words!

Once Marilyn Monroe said 'One of the best thing that ever happened to me is that I'm a woman and this is the way all female should feel' 

Yes, True Lines. Women can stay on the ship in any unfavourable situations. We are capable of overcoming all the obstacles that come our way.

The woman you see on the screen is, Bamu Yubumu, a 33-year-old ethnic YI woman, from Liangshan Province, China.

When people asked, why are you carrying so much weight while holding a baby?

She answered, "I have no choice. My family is poor." She added, "We should go forward no matter what happens. Being a woman doesn't mean I will stay at home all the time."

This picture won The China News Photography Gold Medal with the caption: “On my shoulders is responsibility, I hold hope in my arms"

What's your caption for this? 

Picture Credit : Zhou Ke

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