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22nd October 2022 By The Global Heroes Global Heroes

Trotro mate (conductor) in prison. 

A 19 years homeless boy who came to accra for greener pastures and doing trotro mate job for living sentence to a year in prison. The driver parked at wrong place to take passengers and they were all arrested by police and taken to court. The judge fine them Ghs 1,900 (200$) each or go to prison for a year. The driver paid his fine and left him to go to prison to serve his one year sentence for not able to raise the money. 

The boy has been sick for a week now which I was able to organize some funds for him to be taken to hospital which he was admitted. Per discussions h is not having a phone to call any family member to inform them of his current situation. 

We are raising funds to go to the court involved to work on settling the fine for him to be discharged within the week. 

Click to donate and let’s save him:

Plans after prison will be shared for us to support him after we get him out. 

Voice for the voiceless. 

Noble Wisdom Dordoe 

Noble Wisdom Dordoe


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