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LOCAL HERO | How Noble Wisdom Dordoe’s is changing lives.


4th October 2021 By The Global Heroes Global Heroes

LOCAL HERO | How Noble Wisdom Dordoe’s is changing lives.

Compassionate. Loving. Selfless. Humble. Simply amazing. These are just some of the words used to describe Wisdom Dordoe, founder of Give Me Hope Foundation.

Multi award winning philanthropist and humanitarian activist Wisdom Dordoe has braved the storm in his life to found Give Me Hope Foundation in the year 2013 that has impacted thousands of lives. Strong passion for sustainable development.


You can’t take away his study passion for education, especially for the defenseless streets, parents in prison children who are out of school, parents on the streets children out of school, orphans in our communities that could not get the chance to be orphanage homes.

His staunch passion to help millions of underprivileged children who are denied of quality education was the motivation for the NGO that focused on eradication of poverty through education, Heath, Food, Gender Equality, prison supports etc. 


The young banker and the NGO uses their little resources to do humanitarian work aimed at putting smiles on the faces of thousands needy. The foundation has organized programs nationwide and has made numerous impacts. 

Give Me Hope Foundation Impacts.


  1. Providing Educational scholarships for 750 less privileged. Orphans who do not get the chance to be in school and children who have dropped out of school due to poverty. 
  2. Saved 280 lives from prison. Integrated some in community by providing petty business and vocational skills. 
  3. Impacted 10,000 less privileged with its Empower Them Young Mentorships program.
  4. Impacted over 10,000 less privileged with its free healthy screening, food, clothes and others.
  5. Organize menstrual health education nationwide which has impacted over 5,000 young girls and supported them with sanitary pads. 
  6. Provided free skills training for 1000 young girls and boys who has dropped out of school. 
  7. Provided free accommodation for 60 homeless Kayayes, raped, breastfeeding mothers to be sleeping and providing medical care for them. 
  8. Provided training and supported 2000 pregnant and breastfeeding women on child abuse and domestic violence and has supported them with bedsheets and towels. 




Give Me Hope Foundation, is committed to helping the needy in society, empowering the youth to be part of nation building and helping them to identify and develop their talents. 

Mr Dordoe “I am so proud of our organisation. It brings me such joy to see the students any many others who have come through Give Me Hope Foundation prosper and lives changed .”

Wisdom Dordoe has been nominated and received many international and local awards for his  incredible work in communities.

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