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22nd May 2023 By The Global Heroes Humanitarian Impacts

To support two journalists who are being investigated, dozens of Tunisian journalists gathered outside the El Gorjani Police Research Department in Tunis. The demonstrators, who included Elyes Gharbi, one of the journalists who had been called, denounced what they saw as moves to restrict journalistic freedom in the nation. The journalists clarified that they were being criticized for remarks they made on a show that was broadcast on May 15, 2023. They viewed their criticism as beneficial and emphasized their right to do so as journalists in the spirit of free speech and ideas.

Following the use of anti-terrorism legislation to raise the sentence of Khalima Guesmi, another radio station employee at Mosaique FM, from one year to five years in prison, the two journalists were summoned. Guesmi was convicted of knowingly disclosing information on interceptions, surveillance, and data gathering operations after appealing the first one-year sentence handed down in November.

The head of the journalists' organization, Mahdi Jlassi, claimed that there is a definite governmental trend toward controlling and stifling dissident media. Given that journalists, attorneys, trade unionists, and others are subject to legal action for their remarks, writings, or even songs, he voiced alarm about the erosion of liberties in Tunisia.

Two Tunisian students were jailed in a different instance for uploading a satirical song online that criticized drug regulations and the police. Jlassi claims that 20 or more journalists are now being investigated or prosecuted for their reporting.

Trade unions and local and international human rights organizations have expressed alarm about the oppressive policies of the present Tunisian government. They urged civil society and activists to rally and stand up for freedoms and human rights. Since President Kais Saied gained broad authority on July 25, 2021, several organizations have criticized the deterioration of civil liberties.

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