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17th January 2023 By The Global Heroes Global Heroes

Accra Hawker of Gari, Groundnut Sees All 5 Kids to Big Success.

An old woman Auntie Salamatu known for selling Waakye at Kawukudi in Accra as a single mother has taken care of all her 5 children to reach higher levels.

The 5 children now include two police officers, a nurse, a prison officer and a Senior Administrator in one of the biggest companies in Accra.

The story of Hajia Salamatu was shared by Zongo Spotlight, a community-inspired page on social media drawing hundreds and thousands of reactions and comments.

The children who are well-to-do have asked the mother to stay home and stop working as they take care of her.

According to Zongo Spotlight, Salamatu, popularly known as Mma Amina, used to be a table-top business operator around the Kawokudi public toilet in Accra. She sold roasted groundnut, Gari and fruits.

“Through that trade and with the support of her late husband who worked as a watchman, she raised the kids through school into beautiful adults in different professions. She did that business for many years until 2018 when she started complaining of some health complications. Her children told her it was time for her to take some rest.Currently, she’s a stay-home mother enjoying the fruits of her effort.” 

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