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20th June 2022 By The Global Heroes Humanitarian Impacts

Young Graduate Shows Off Her Hustle, Impresses Many With Her Shoemaking Skills, 

Israel Usulor A lady who makes shoes for a living has said she learned the trade from her father who is equally a professional in the field Edna Frimpong holds a diploma in communication studies and is pursuing a degree at the Ghana Institute of Journalism, but shoemaking is her enduring passion She said she feels very proud of the profession since she wants to continue her father's legacy in the field of shoemaking.

A young lady who takes pride in making shoes has said there is nothing shameful about the profession. She said shoemaking is her family legacy which she wants to push to the next level. The lady, identified as Edna Frimpong noted that the world has moved away from being bookish to being skilful. Edna is a diploma holder, but she is pursuing another degree qualification which she combines with shoemaking. 

My dad is a shoemaker. Professional shoemaker. So that's how I learned the skill. I was serving him then, but I didn't take it serious. But when Covid came, I decided to go back to learn the trade. I have diploma in communication studies, and I'm now getting my degree in public relations in Ghana. I want to continue my father's business and take it to the next level. I feel proud being a female shoemaker."

I'm 24 years old. How do I combine my work and studies? It's all about balancing. It's all about understanding what you want at the end of the day. I school on weekends. My father also does this, so when I'm busy he comes and help out." 

Henrietta who calls herself a shoe surgeon displayed so many beautiful items made by her. She proudly showed off belts, shoes and other items she crafted herself on social media. Her social media platform showed that she has a large clientele comprising men who patronise her products.

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