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22nd May 2022 By The Global Heroes New Publications

True Life Story

The man was joking with his son,That tomorrow i will have a car :The son just laugh and said where will u see money? It is not now we are drank Garri together without sugar (No money to buy sugar)?

The man said ,But god can make it in a seconds..The son said no that is impossible,This is 8:00 pm in the night...Tell me you will steal it "The man was silent

The next morning ,The man n son heard knock on their door"This man went and check:he saw a man with a prado jeep...This man asked who are you looking for please?

The man reply it is you!And it happens to be his old school mate who is based in london and just came back to the village for a holiday.

The visitor said i came home yesterday and i bought this jeep for u :

Take the keys,This prado jeep is yours you once helped me when we were in school,He lend me your clothes when we go out and give me

foods when am hungry !i'm now a Rich man

Take this car ..You will see $50,000 USD in the booty...The man and his son burst into tears and hugged the rich man.

Now i pray ,That impossibility things in your life will be possible...those that say you will not succeed in their front God will Bless you !!

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