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27th March 2024 By The Global Heroes Humanitarian Impacts

Torwomenye Kwasi Mawuli Azaglo Recognized Among Africa's Most 100 Change Makers 2023

Torwomenye Kwasi Mawuli Azaglo has been honored among Africa's top 100 Change Makers of 2023. As a dedicated Child and Youth Advocate and Student Success Consultant, Torwomenye is renowned for founding and leading the Future of Africa organization.

Future of Africa is a non-governmental entity committed to empowering young leaders across Africa to enact change within their communities. Additionally, it extends support to children living on the streets of Accra, facilitating transformative opportunities for them.

Notably, Future of Africa is actively engaged in enhancing educational standards in Lolito, Volta Region, alongside 10 neighboring villages. Torwomenye's vision is rooted in the belief that every human life holds equal value and possesses immense potential for positive transformation.

His expertise spans various domains, including community organizing, Social Change Leadership, Youth Engagement, Community Development, and Student Affairs.

Torwomenye's unwavering dedication underscores his commitment to fostering human development and societal progress throughout Africa. Being named among Africa’s most impactful 100 change makers by the Humanitarian Awards Global is well deserved.

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