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26th April 2023 By The Global Heroes Conflict

The conflict in Sudan has affected the free movement of products, which has resulted in a shortage of food as the conflict between two army generals has gotten worse.

Recently, the UN issued a grim warning about severe shortages of food, water, medication, and gasoline, particularly in Khartoum and the surrounding areas.

A country that was already in a critical state before the conflict started is now facing an insufficient food supply and increasing costs because thousands of inhabitants have left the unrest.

"We inform Hemedti that war is a loss for the Sudanese people. Oh brother. Everything has increased in price. 

And to our brother Burhan: put an end to this conflict and find us a drastic solution, or else Sudan will fall apart and every Sudanese person would be forced to flee. Everyone got up and departed. These issues weren't necessary at all. We were all living together as compatriots. There was no necessity, according to construction worker Barir Hammad.

According to UN agencies, there have been at least 459 deaths and over 4,000 injuries as a result of the conflict.

Since conflict began, a total of 14 hospitals have been shelled as the surviving population competes for the few supplies.

"We are concerned about the cost as well as the location. The threat approaches us, which is an issue. We civilians are the ones who are suffering because we have to endure these conditions while still trying to make a life. Anything we sell, we rely on to make ends meet. No one is robbing or looting; all we want to do is work to provide for our families, said South Sudanese construction worker Akj Waw Akwani.

Hundreds of people have died as a result of the battle between the competing generals, which included airstrikes and artillery engagements, and certain districts in larger Khartoum are in ruins.

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