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2nd May 2023 By The Global Heroes Conflict

Tuesday, a group of opposition MPs attempted to visit the president's office in Nairobi. Kenyan police fired tear gas to disperse them. The high cost of food, petrol, and power was the target of a protest by representatives of the opposition Azimio alliance. Historic rival Raila Odinga, who accuses President William Ruto of stealing the presidential election in August 2022 and of failing to stop recent price increases, called the rallies.

Despite a few isolated incidents and clashes, Tuesday's demonstrations were largely peaceful. But a prior round of protests in late March resulted in altercations, theft, and vandalism, killing three people. Adamson Bungei, the regional police commander for Nairobi, issued a ban on the demonstrations on Sunday, citing earlier violent episodes. 

Raila Odinga continues to challenge the outcomes of the nation's most closely contested presidential election ever, despite the Supreme Court's rejection of his appeal. Currently, Kenya is dealing with soaring inflation, a declining shilling, and an unprecedented drought in some regions of the nation.

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