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19th January 2024 By The Global Heroes Aid and Policy

In a thought-provoking address at the 2024 Jospong Leadership Conference, Pastor Dr. Sam Adeyemi, CEO of Global Leadership Consulting and founder of Daystar Christian Centre-Nigeria, emphasized a crucial perspective on Africa's challenges. Contrary to the common belief that financial constraints hinder the continent's progress, Dr. Adeyemi argued that the root cause lies elsewhere.

According to Dr. Adeyemi, the fundamental issue hindering Africa's development is not a lack of funds but rather a deficiency in valuing human life. He passionately urged African leaders to prioritize the well-being of their citizens, emphasizing that policies and programs should be designed to benefit everyone, without discrimination.

Addressing the audience on the theme of "Inclusive Leadership," Dr. Adeyemi highlighted the significance of love in leadership. He stressed that an inclusive leader is one who cares for others, placing love at the core of the leader-follower relationship. In doing so, he urged African leaders to treat every individual with equal dignity, fostering an environment of unity and shared prosperity.

Acknowledging the challenges that divide the continent, Dr. Adeyemi called for a collective effort to overcome barriers to innovation and development. He encouraged leaders to be humble, admitting their imperfections, as this builds trust among followers.

The conference also featured insights from Mr. Edward Ato Sarpong, a business and leadership consultant, who identified five enablers for societal change. Using the 'APPLE' analogy (Anger, Pressure, Possibilities, Learning, and Environment), he emphasized the need for a conducive environment and pressure to drive positive change.

Commending the Jospong Group for organizing a leadership conference for its staff, Dr. Adeyemi lauded the initiative as phenomenal for an African institution. The conference, attended by leaders and staff of the Jospong Group of Companies, aimed to promote business excellence through innovation, sustainability, and empowerment.

As Africa strives for progress and leadership, Dr. Adeyemi's words serve as a powerful reminder that the continent's challenges go beyond financial constraints, calling for a collective shift in mindset and a commitment to valuing every African life.

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