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73-year-old who has been skateboarding since 1981 stuns the internet with incredible skills

A 73-year-old has taken the internet by storm this month after a video of him showing off his skateboarding skills went viral across social media platforms. Igor, an exceptionally skilled skater, became a viral sensation after a surf coach named Max Timukhin posted a short clip of the senior cruising through a street. "Igor' is 73 [years old.] Igor' rides his board since 1981," Timukhin captioned the Instagram video, which has received over 224k likes. The video soon made its way to other social media platforms where netizens marveled at sprightly Igor's fancy moves.


On Reddit—where the video accumulated 37.2k upvotes after being uploaded by a netizen with the username dobbyisafreepup—Igor's cargos, flat cap, and matching white gloves gained him some additional cool points. "Slope style, this guy is probably an amazing skier," commented fuzzface1974 to which xenophon57 added: "I was about to say 'dude just found out he could ski without snow.'" Meanwhile, DoctFaustus recounted the time they met a man in his 50s learning how to skateboard for the very first time. "I ran into a guy in his 50s that was learning how to snowboard for the first time. He was an old surfer and skater and went straight into the park. As a [newbie] boarder in your 50s, that's some big brass ones, right there. Probably a lot like Igor here picking up skating at an older age," they wrote.


However, Redditor rollntoke quickly corrected that given how Igor is said to have been skateboarding since 1981, he was probably 30 years old when he learned how to skate. "As someone in their early 30s, the idea of trying to start skateboarding terrifies me. I don't hate my already fragile skeleton that much," wrote Alondite90, pointing out that learning how to skateboard in one's 30s is still a gutsy move.

You can see how nimble that guy is still in his age after he gets off the board," remarked Nitemarex. Proving how impressive this feat is, Redditor ACTTutor wrote: "My dad is 73. If he bent his legs like that his kneecaps would just pop right off." Reiterating this particular point, BoatInSpace commented: "Which is actually one of the more impressive things about this. [The] dude [has] been skating that long and still has knees that strong. Skating is rough on the knee and ankles." DeepHorse jumped into the conversation by adding: "You know what’s rougher than skateboarding on your knees and ankles? Not using them properly for 30+ years. This guy is keeping himself young."

The video of Igor effortlessly skating through the street also inspired some netizens to pick up their skateboards again. "As a 33-year-old who just saw Mid90s for the first time and has spent the last three weeks pining after his lost youth, this is exactly what I needed to see. If this guy started skating at my age I can probably start again," wrote hooboy88. "EDIT: thank you guys for all the motivation/advice. I'm definitely gonna start skating again. I wish I still had my board from 15+ years ago, but I guess this gives me an excuse to start shopping for a new one.

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