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Madam Yaa Preprah Hon: 

Yaa Peprah Amekudzi is a development worker with over 30 years experience in sustainable community development. Her work has taken her to all districts in Ghana facilitating development issues related to women empowerment, opportunities for the youth, alternative livelihoods, community infrastructure, sustainable environment, forest protection, promotion and protection of children and poverty elimination. Her underpinning non-negotiable principles are driven by humanitarian, resilient and sustainable considerations.

[22/08, 8:18 am] Madam Yaa Preprah Hon: Currently I am the Ghana Country Lead for Cocoa Life Program of Mondelēz International.

I previously held the positions of: 

1. Right To Play West and Francophone Africa Region’s Deputy Director

2. Ghana Country Director for Hope for Africa Children Initiative 

3. Executive Director for Centre for the Development of People

Based on my community development work, I have been installed as the Nkosuohen (Development Chief) of Mayenda with the title, Nana Okofo Apetu 11

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