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19th June 2022 By The Global Heroes Articles
The Influential woman Foundation (TIWOF) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 2020 with the vision of raising a generation of independent and influential women and to make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable in our societies. TIWOF is dedicated to support, educate and make meaningful impact in the transformation of today’s woman and girl child.  With the available resources, the foundation has been able to embark on programs, projects and activities that has unveiled potentials, equipped many with skills and enlighten many girls especially on good menstrual hygiene practices. 
In the past twenty three(23) months we have constantly created awareness on good menstrual hygiene in many communities in the rural areas and have distributed over  three thousand (3000)  boxes of sanitary pads across the country.
Our Breast Cancer Campaign does not only start and end in October but a year-long activity, the awareness is done at every platform we have the opportunity to speak on with screening and medical advice. 
Visiting prison, under privileged homes and shelters where young girls sometimes are rescued and kept away from their predictors and abusers have been one of our major priorities such as PACODEP and Nsawam Female Maximum Prison.During our visit to the Nsawam Female Prison,we donated items worth  over Four thousand (4,000.00) Ghana cedis.
Back to school is a joyous moment for us at TIWOF because seeing the little girls with the kind of energy and happiness they walk to school and interacting with them gives us the assurance that ‘‘The tomorrow woman will make us proud’’. Back to School offers us the opportunity to distribute learning materials to students and also motivate them to make education their priority and stay away from bad influences.
StreetMax at TIWOF is a moment where we celebrate Christmas with over one thousand (1000) street children, homeless and persons with disabilities who have no option but to make the street their home. We prepare meals and enjoy the occasion with them with chilled drinks to remind them that we care about them.
Project learn a craft is on this year, and the agenda is to train over two thousand five hundred (2500) women, teenage mothers and school drop outs to learn a craft or trade  in various field to strengthen their financial independency and to economically engage them.
We have occasionally supported some individuals with cash to either get them back to school or , sort out accommodation issues or invest in their businesses.
Collaboration with other foundations and NGO’s have been massive and we look forward to more. 
We are grateful to our donors and sponsors especially those who always want to remain anonymous, God richly bless you all and we look forward to an amazing and impactful years ahead. Attached are copies of our previous projects. 
Thank you.

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