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16th February 2024 By The Global Heroes Articles

Thirteen men, including a U.S. citizen, were apprehended by Canadian authorities during a four-day operation in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Charged with child sex trafficking offenses, they were ensnared in a police initiative targeting online predators seeking sexual encounters with minors for money.

Ranging from 20 to 60 years old, the suspects were all detained at a Niagara Falls hotel between January 31 and February 3. Charges include encouraging sexual exploitation of minors, engaging in sexual activities with young persons, and luring children for sexual services. Despite their apprehension, the police have not disclosed their identities.

Niagara Police Chief Bill Fordy emphasized the commitment to safeguarding vulnerable community members and denouncing human trafficking. He stressed the importance of collaborative efforts among law enforcement, communities, and victim support services.

Assisted by various law enforcement agencies, the project aims to combat human trafficking, a prevalent issue in Ontario, particularly affecting Indigenous women and girls, immigrants, LGBTQ individuals, and at-risk youths. Statistics Canada data highlights Ontario's elevated rates of trafficking cases, underscoring the urgency for coordinated efforts to address this criminal activity.

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