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Man who gave shirt off his back to shivering man on bus says he “had to help”

It's not just what he did but how he did it that has an impact. He did it with love. ?

What would you do if you saw a homeless man with no shirt on a cold day? Some may look away and pretend they did not see anything.

Then there are those kind-hearted people who are willing to extend a helping hand.

And sometimes, they’re captured on video for the footage to be shared with the whole world.

A beautiful moment was captured by someone who witnessed a young man giving the shirt he was wearing to a homeless elderly man.

Joey Resto was 23 years old.

He was going home in Brooklyn, New York, and took the “A” train. Resto then noticed a man across his seat on the train with nothing but pants and shoes on.

The weather was cold.

Shivering, the old homeless man was sitting slumped and trying to contain his body heat when Resto decided to help him out with his own clothes.

Thankfully, that still left the Good Samaritan with an undershirt, though sleeveless.

But resto wasn’t satisfied that the shirt would be enough to help the other passenger stay warm, so he went a step further.

He gave him the hat off his head.

In an interview with a local news agency, Resto said that the man “looked cold and hungry. Like he had just gotten beat up.”

So he did what he thought was right at the time. He gave up his own shirt and put it on the shivering man himself.

He wasn’t leaving him any room to reject the offer.

Resto didn’t know they were being watched.

He went back to his seat after he helped the old man but, little did Resto know, a fellow passenger caught the beautiful moment on video.

He didn’t know that his random act of kindness would be seen by others on social media.

Though Resto didn’t want to disturb the stranger in the subway,

“He looked so weak and frail,” Resto told the news agency. “I had to help him, or he would not put it on.”

The video went viral.

Resto was unaware that he was being filmed at the time, and he was helping the person go through his day out of pure kindness and the goodness of his heart.

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