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15th March 2023 By The Global Heroes Health

Let’s Save Daniela Eyes. 

Daniella a 7 year old girl in kindergarten school in one of the most deprived school woke up with  the right eye and face swollen,  the village has no clinic or hospital and the poor single mother couldn’t afford taking her to the hospital for checkups. The situation became worse within two weeks with current pictures proofed.

We brought her to hospital and she have to the following as said by the doctor. 

MRI scan, full blood examination, 

aestheticians examination, 

HB electrophorosis, 

Le orbital incision biopsy. 

Surgery to be done after thorough review. 

Cost of activities.

MRI scan - 200$

Full blood examination- 200$

HB electrophorosis- 400$

Le orbital incision biopsy- 400$

Surgeon-to be determined after going through the listed procedure.

Let’s finish up in saving Daniella eyes by raising the funds for various treatments. 

No amount is too small to save her. 

Mobile Money number: 0244656402. 

Name: Wisdom Dordoe. 

Online donations:

Call or dm for any other information needed. 

Noble Wisdom Dordoe. 

Give Me Hope Foundation.