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19th April 2023 By The Global Heroes Migration

Tuesday saw a large demonstration in Rome against the new immigration policies being implemented by the government.

The far-right Premier Giorgia Meloni's administration is set to present legislation to the nation's senate that would make it more difficult for immigrants to get temporary residence permits in Italy.

Matteo Salvini, the leader of the anti-immigration League party and a coalition ally, wants to end the "special protection" that many of the tens of thousands of migrants who have arrived in Italy over the past few years—many of whom were on smugglers' boats from Libya, Tunisia, Turkey, and other countries—have received.

This status enables immigrants who are unlikely to be granted refugee status to remain in Italy for a period of two years while waiting for renewal. They are allowed to lawfully work and rent accommodation during this period.

The government was urged to halt these intentions by Caserta Migrants Refugees Movement leader Mamadou Kouassi.

We live here and need a residency permit so that we may work and contribute to the nation's growth and economy, Kouassi continued.
on 2005, Mamadou escaped the Ivory Coast on a boat and was saved by the Italian Coast Guard.

Numerous labor unions, groups, NGOs, and politicians were among the demonstrators.
The Democratic Party, the biggest opposition party, was represented at the event by Elly Schlein, its new secretary.

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