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19th April 2024 By The Global Heroes Articles

Dramatic Incident Near Trump's Trial Venue Leaves Man Critically Injured

Emergency responders swiftly attended to a distressing scene outside the courthouse where jury selection for Donald Trump's trial was underway, as a person set themselves ablaze. Witnesses recounted the harrowing moment when a man poured a flammable liquid over himself before igniting the fire, prompting emergency crews to rush to the scene.

The New York City Fire Department promptly responded to reports of an individual engulfed in flames and transported the critically injured patient to New York Presbyterian-Cornell Hospital for urgent medical care.

The incident, which unfolded in Collect Pond Park, was witnessed by multiple people. Witnesses noted the man's disturbing actions, including throwing pamphlets into the air, purportedly making allegations about New York University.

Describing the rapid sequence of events, one witness recalled the unsettling sound of papers scattering as the man prepared to set himself on fire. Another witness expressed the shock and helplessness felt as the tragic scene unfolded before their eyes.

Amid the chaos, speculation arose regarding the motive behind the self-immolation, with uncertainty lingering over its connection to the ongoing trial proceedings involving the former president.

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