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19th June 2022 By The Global Heroes New Publications

ANOPA (AGORO NE OBRAPA) Project is a Sport for development NGO based in Cape Coast, Ghana. The main objective of the Project is using and promoting sport as a tool for strengthening diversity and inclusiveness, education and empowerment of youth, women and girls, inclusion of persons with disabilities particularly deaf and blind and other vulnerable groups thereby fostering peaceful and inclusive societies. Our sporting activities include general Football, Blind Football, Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, and other recreational activities. 

Since its inception in August, 2010, ANOPA Project has touched and changed thousands of lives positively including women, girls, the differently-able and the vulnerable.

In 2021 alone, ANOPA Project had impacted the lives of 784 people, 15 communities, and 2 SchoolsThey include parents and their wards, the Abura, Elmina, Saltpond, Asikuma communities etc. and the Cape Coast School for the Deaf and Blind and Sekondi School for the Deaf respectively.

Overall, 90% of beneficiaries demonstrated a desired action to overcome stigmatization and obtained the willingness to accept educational support from ANOPA Project. It is a common practice that many parents of deaf and blind children neglect their wards education or do not have the right information or assistance to enroll them into appropriate schools coupled with financial constraints. 85% of our deaf and blind beneficiaries in our all-inclusive-swimming and other recreational activities demonstrated keen behavioral change and developed a strong peer to peer connection through friendship thus developing their overall confidence. 

We had 182 deaf children receive educational support and/orenrollment into schools, 82 blind children assisted to stay in school with educational accessories, payment of PTA Levies,food among others. Five (5) deaf and blind youth were assisted with working tools and equipment such as shoe filing machines, motor repair kits, sewing machines and catering support services as startups in their individual business ventures

ANOPA Project since its inception in 2010 has contributed to positively to the lives of thousands of persons particularly persons and children with disability and other vulnerable groups. It has contributed immensely to the Sustainable Development Goals 10, 3, 4, and 5. 

As an NGO we work with five (5) modules which include the Sport for development module, the educational support module, the Awareness creation module, the Technical/Vocational training module and the social enterprise module. All these modules are geared towards helping the differently-abled persons become independent and contribute meaningfully to the society through education, skills acquisition, employment among others.

Our immense contribution towards the SDGs and persons with disabilities especially the deaf and the blind have secured us a nomination with the HUMANITARIAN AWARDGLOBAL (HAG) in the category BEST PHYSICAL AND MENTAL ADVOCATE OF THE YEAR 2022.


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