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16th April 2023 By The Global Heroes Conflict

According to a statement released by the African Union (AU) on Sunday, Moussa Faki Mahamat, the chair of the commission, will promptly fly to Sudan in an effort to promote a cease-fire between the warring sides.

The group urged the generals in command of Sudan to safeguard people and voiced its serious worry about the continued hostilities. The African Union's Peace and Security Council has pleaded with the parties to the crisis to accept a peaceful resolution and to forego outside intervention that would make matters worse. At least 56 civilians and three UN relief workers have died in combat over the past two days between the Sudanese army and a powerful paramilitary organization. 

The two parties have established a three-hour "humanitarian corridor" for the evacuation of the injured, with the option of retaliation in the event of a breach. The battle has severely disrupted daily life for Khartoum inhabitants, who have been left without electricity and water.

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