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5th May 2023 By The Global Heroes Migration

Ahead of King Charles III's coronation, Rwandan President Paul Kagame visited UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in London on Thursday.

As foreign leaders come in London to participate in the royal ceremonial, the British PM is conducting one-on-one meetings with them.

A multimillion dollar collaboration between the UK and Rwanda has been reached in an effort to reduce the number of undocumented migrants arriving in tiny boats off the coast of Britain.

The £140 million agreement will enable the UK to deport everyone who enters the country illegally to Rwanda.

The UK and Rwanda, Sunak said, are pioneers in the field of international migration.

The Rwandan president, who has served as the Commonwealth's chair-in-office for the last year, has received plaudits from the British prime minister for his leadership on topics including trade and sustainability.

The High Court judges approved the proposal to deport migrants to the country in east Africa, but no aircraft have yet taken off because of legal challenges.

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