Our Team


Aashir Sinha

Founder & CEO

Aashir Sinha is a high school student at Concord Academy. Aashir grew up in numerous cities, first living in Boston for 11 years, then in India for three years, and then went back to Boston. At Concord Academy, he is a passionate athlete, representing his school in Basketball and Tennis. He is also a keen debater, attending multiple international conferences to solve major conflicts. Aashir is an avid traveller, with a strong curiosity to learn about different cultures. With these interests, Aashir decided to enter the field of entrepreneurship and combine his passions.

Smaiyl Makyshov

Founder & CTO of HOP

Smaiyl Makyshov is a high school student at Phillips Exeter Academy. Originally from Kazakhstan, Smaiyl has lived in the UK for two years and currently resides in Exeter, NH. Smaiyl and Aashir met at Concord Academy, where they co-founded Heroes of Politics. In addition to programming and developing websites since age 9, Smaiyl is deeply passionate in aviation, mathematics, and leadership, and enjoys playing basketball and running track. He was elected as the Class President at Concord Academy and has won numerous math competitions in the past. At The Global Heroes, Smaiyl leads front-end and back-end development of the HOP app and maintains the company website.

Aayushya Agarwal

Co-Head of Marketing

Outside of Global Heroes, Aayushya Agarwal is a high school student at Wesley College in Melbourne, Australia. He has lived in Chicago, Illinois, Mumbai, India, and Melbourne, Australia. He’s a fervent basketball player, cricketer, and debater. Additionally, he is very experienced in growing and spreading awareness on social media platforms, which he will continue to do.

Harpreet Singh

Front-End Developer of HOC

Harpreet was an enthusiastic student at ABV-IIITM, Gwalior, India. He grew up in Agra, India where he met numerous tourists and took an interest in learning about their cultures. Outside of his working hours, Harpreet also enjoys tutoring less-experienced programmers. On the athletic side, Harpreet plays cricket and association soccer.