Heroes of Politics

As a company, one of our main objectives today is to create the minimum viable product for The Heroes of Politics app, in Android. Smaiyl Makyshov is our tech-co founder and admin of the website, to be responsible for both the front and back end development of the app. Our product allows one to follow his or her favorite politicians, who are not dominating the mainstream media, and get articles, videos, and other various forms of news for these politicians. As we are not producing content, and instead gathering it, the customer would be able to receive various opinions on a specific politician’s actions, from both sides of the political spectrum, creating political tolerance and awareness on what both parties believe. Currently, as we saw in the 2016 presidential election, political intolerance on both sides has become a national dilemma, with not only Trump supporters violently attacking many Hillary supporters, but many Trump supporters, themselves, being attacked, because of their presumably “racist” or “misogynistic” beliefs, yet many of them may have supported Trump for other reasons. These misbeliefs on both sides, have caused fear throughout the United States, and our product plans to educate people on the beliefs of all sides of the political argument, in order to eradicate this conflict.

The planned launch date of the app:

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