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12th February 2024 By The Global Heroes Technology

Google has committed 25 million euros ($26.98 million) to support AI education across Europe. This funding initiative, announced recently, aims to assist individuals in harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). The company invites applications from social enterprises and nonprofits to facilitate training programs targeting those with the greatest potential to benefit.

In addition to financial support, Google plans to establish "growth academies" to aid businesses in leveraging AI for scaling operations. Furthermore, the company is expanding its free online AI courses to accommodate speakers of 18 languages.

Recognizing the risk of exacerbating existing inequalities, especially in economic security and employment, Adrian Brown, executive director of the Centre for Public Impact, underscores the importance of this initiative in bridging the AI knowledge gap.

Google's commitment extends beyond education. Recently, the tech giant announced a $1 billion investment in constructing a data center near London to meet the escalating demand for internet services in the region.

Situated in Waltham Cross, this center symbolizes Google's dedication to supporting technological advancement in Europe. Through these endeavors, Google aims to ensure that AI benefits everyone and that technological progress is inclusive and accessible.

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