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10th May 2023 By The Global Heroes Investigations

Because her father compelled her to marry a stranger, a 20-year-old lady named Fatima filed a lawsuit against him in Kaduna State, Nigeria, before a Shari'a court.

According to local media accounts, Fatima's father, Aliyu Muhammad, threatened to take her to the countryside and marry her off when she told him she was in love with someone else.

Malam Bulama, Fatima's attorney, asserted that the woman was not suing the father out of disdain for him.

The father said before the court that he wished to honor the intentions of his deceased parents, who had picked the bridegroom for his daughter when they were still alive.

While the parent has the right to select a partner for his daughter, forced marriage is not condoned, according to Judge Malam Aiyeku Abdulrahman.

The court ruled: "You are her father; as such, you should permit her to present the man she wishes to wed, and if you are satisfied with his religion and character, you allow her to get married."

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